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It's Time for Summer Adventures!

March 13, 2017 at 1:26 PM

Summer break can mean many things for different kids and families.  At the Y, summer means Camp time—a positive, fun-filled spin on long days, which influences spirit, mind and body. summer-camp-ymca-3.jpg

When you enroll your child in YMCA Camp Ironwood this summer, you can do so knowing the Y offers a unique and unforgettable experience, one day at a time.  We work to help children discover their full potential, while they have lots of fun!  Others have asked, “What’s your secret?” The Y doesn’t have secrets, but works hard to hire the right counselors into the Y family to build relationships and a welcoming environment to all. 

With our multi-faceted approach, the YMCA stresses the importance on engaging kids to make them feel like they belong, increasing their self-confidence, ability to make friends, and help grow their imaginations.  Developing character, rewarding good behavior and daily inspirations are also a large part of improving spirit at YMCA Camp. 

Our counselors are carefully chosen in order to provide a positive experience, complete with personalized, themed club activities every week, challenging the campers to apply their minds and learn new skills.  By holding to a low camper to counselor ratio, the Y finds the bonds and role model possibilities come quite easily with most kids.  Both counselors and kids find they are stretched to learn AND have fun when the weekly field trips come along as well! 

However, we can’t forget about all the opportunities to benefit and strengthen the body!  Utilizing daily group games, being intentional about physical activity, serving healthy snacks and swimming two days per week at the Kingsport Aquatic Center are just some of the ways we can encourage healthy living in our campers.   

special-summer-camp-1.jpgWhile we recognize some families must have safe, secure, and fun care for kids due to work obligations, we also know some families just have a desire for their kids to have fun while they’re out of school.  For kids in either situation, the YMCA now offers Specialty Camps with an advanced twist on learning and fun.  Rise of the Minions, Mission Impossible, American Girl Dolls, Camp Hogwarts, Fantastic Beasts, Sherlock Holmes…our specialty camps are here to meet the interests of your camper!  Having fun and learning—it’s what YMCA specialty camps are about! 

To add to the appeal of summer camp at the Y, the Greater Kingsport Family YMCA believes in ensuring that every child and teen has the chance to go to camp.  That’s why the Y offers financial assistance to those who qualify and partners with LEAPs to make it possible.  It’s also why the Y offers care for kids with special needs.  We want everyone to have the opportunity to make lasting memories at summer camp.

For the summer of 2017, our rising 1st-5th graders will be flying with the Y around the world in the Professor’s virtual magical airplane.  With a theme like this, you simply have to gear up your imagination!  A fun, energetic, program, Professor I.Can.Travel.Alot will lead your camper on an exciting journey for them to learn who they are and how far they can go in their lives.


For our Middle Schoolers, the Y also offers HYPE Camp for rising 6th-9th graders.  The theme for 2017 is “Squad Goals.”  HYPE Camp is filled with fun activities and trips, so your middle schooler won’t feel like they are in a day camp. They’ll be in a safe atmosphere where they can thrive with positive, fun, and energetic role models. A healthy lifestyle will also be emphasized through traditional games, sports, and activities. The goal is to keep these tweens and teens active by involving them in weekly service learning and leadership activities. 

So what will it be for your kids?  If you embrace the Y this summer, know we are camping for our spirits, minds and bodies.    


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