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It's a New Year! Take the 1st Step!

December 26, 2016 at 7:50 AM

Take the 1st Step

By Abigail Weaver 

January. New Year’s Resolutions. A fresh start. Maybe lose a couple of pounds?

It seems very natural for January 1st to evoke a desire in many to “change their life.” It’s a fresh start and a time to hit the reset button in your journey toward living healthier. The Kingsport Y is here to provide tools to help you kick off your year in a way that fits you best. (Of course, every day at the Y is suitable for a reset if you need to start over!) new-year-membership-promotion-small.jpg

To benefit the most from these tools, you have to Take the 1st Step and Join the Y!! As 2017 arrives, consider joining when you can receive New Member Bonus Gifts, with a potential value of over $300! During January and February, your gifts include:

  • $0 Joining Fee
  • Jump 2 Fit Personal Training (Jan. only; see details below)
  • 2 One Week Passes for Friends
  • 1 Double Credit Referral Card (good for 2 FREE MONTHS of membership for bringing a friend to join.)

Once you become a part of the Y, we recognize everyone falls in a different place for their starting line and that’s why you have several options to fit your lifestyle and needs. You may want to make a Group Ex 101 appointment with Tyler, the Y’s Group Exercise Director, to receive customized advice on where to start with group classes. Making new friends, being committed to a scheduled and regular activity, and switching up your routine has made a life-changing difference for many in the Y family. With a weight loss story of his own (a total of 135lbs), Tyler is happy to share his struggles and successes with others as motivation. “Find something you enjoy doing in order to stick with it because it’s a daily commitment,” Tyler says. “Surround yourself with positive people and positive changes will occur.”

Perhaps group classes aren’t a fit, but you may be more motivated by a personal coach. The Y’s Personal Training program provides 8 different nationally certified trainers to fit your personality and wellness needs. In January, the Y is offering Jump 2 Fit packages, with a savings of over $40 each—either three 60 minute sessions or three 30 minute sessions. This is a great opportunity to start a personalized journey with the extra boost of encouragement that comes from a trainer.

Even if you prefer your smartphone as your primary coach, MobileFit, the Y’s exclusive online training partner, can be completely customized to you by a Wellness Coach in The Quest appointments. Even if you just want guidance in one area, the Wellness 101 options will be a perfect fit to give you guidance in the areas of your choice.

The Y is passionate about inspiring you toward healthier living and is committing to providing different paths to prevention and transformation. Did you know 45% of people in our region have prediabetes and most don’t even know it? The Kingsport Y now offers the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program to our community. Prediabetes is potentially reversible, but Type 2 Diabetes is not and the Y can be your resource for taking control of your future. If you think this is where you need to start, call 423.765.9757 or email

The Y desires to be your go-to place for a starting line, needed encouragement, and continued support on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. With many options available for you in the Y, consider taking the first step to the right place for you. Here’s to a new year, a new journey, and a new you!

For more information on membership levels and pricing, visit our Membership page. 


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