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Ahead of the Curve

June 07, 2017 at 2:50 PM

Ahead of the Curve: The YMCA uses technology to help members achieve their wellness goals

By Chris Sanders, CSCS

The YMCA’s cause is to strengthen community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. The healthy living focus means the Y encourages improvements in physical health, which sometimes equals thinking ahead of the curve and using technology to MobileFiT-app-web.jpgfacilitate change. The Y wants to support its members in living a healthier lifestyle and reaching their goals—losing weight, getting in shape, having more energy, feeling stronger, etc.

Many begin their journey to a new and healthier version of themselves and quickly face challenges that keep them from pressing forward. For some, they have the drive and the ambition to reach their goals, but may not have all of the necessary tools in place to help them succeed. In many cases, individuals are on their own to design an exercise program, choose activities, and even navigate various types of equipment. At the YMCA, the philosophy is to give tools to success as a benefit included in membership with no additional cost. Did you know people who set clearly defined goals and track their progress are almost 50% more likely to meet them? The Kingsport Y is making the process easier by utilizing technology—the MobileFiT software platform—to help members set, track, and achieve their wellness goals.

MobileFiT allows members to set personal goals, with the guidance of a designated Wellness Coach, and then design a custom routine. Your individual plan is accessible through MobileFiT’s website or free app, which is available for both Apple and Android smart phones. Y members’ free access to the MobileFiT app connects them to their personalized plan, tracks their progress and offers ways to interact with their coach, right at their fingertips.   

MobileFiT makes it easy to record all kinds of activities from cardio and weights to daily steps and household chores. Using the software and app can be fun too! MobileFiT includes game-like function in which members can earn points the more active they are. Members are awarded these points for all activities tracked in MobileFiT from regular workouts to a round of golf. The app also has access to current Group Exercise classes offered in Kingsport, in order to record points for that type of specific activity. For each point level reached, members earn new and exciting prizes, such as YMCA apparel and accessories. The higher the level achieved, the more valuable the reward. Extra convenient features include a pop-up bar code for checking-in when you walk into the Y, mobileFiT-app-web-millenial.jpgalong with automatic syncing with the Google Health app to catch steps you don’t log through an actual recorded workout. Technology which helps you to set clear goals, define a plan to reach them, gives you a way to track progress, connects you to a coach, and offers rewards and incentives, results in a package that makes success seem possible.

The Kingsport YMCA continues to look for ways to support members in achieving their health and wellness goals. By encouraging small positive changes in their daily routine and providing today’s technology, the Y is taking a step to narrow the gap between setting a goal and achieving it. By giving free access to MobileFiT for members, the Y helps individuals take charge of their wellness journey and celebrate their successes one goal at a time. Join our Y family today and take the next step to a healthier you! 

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