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Wellness Tools

At the Y, we have the facilities, equipment, programs and staff to support you in your wellness journey, achieving your goals and being stronger. Make new friends, increase your self-confidence, and improve your spiritual, mental and physical health. If you're ready to take steps towards healthy success, we recommend you start by scheduling a Wellness Orientation. From there, our helpful staff will point you in the right direction! 

Wellness Orientation

During your Wellness Orientation you will connect with a Wellness Coach, discuss your goals, learn about YMCA wellness offerings and decide the best next step for you! We want you to feel comfortable with the Y and knowing the basics is a great place to begin. 

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Coach Connection

Relationships are a vital piece of how we carry out the Y cause and we want people to feel comfortable around us. As you continue to grow in your involvement in the Y, you'll feel better knowing YMCA faces. We invite you to schedule your Wellness Orientation to get started with guidance from a Wellness Coach, so that whichever wellness path is right for you, you will already be connected to one of our friendly staff. We’re here for you!
Schedule Your Wellness Appointment


With over 12-years experience in working with all types of health and wellness facilities, our world class platform, ActivTrax®, provides an affordable, proven and effective solution for improving member retention, increasing personal training and helping members realize their fitness goals.

The ActivTrax® app, paired with a Wellness or Conversion Orientation, will provide you with a personalized plan and coaching based on your goals, experience and past performance. It will even adapt plans automatically based on your feedback, so the result is a continually refined, personalized plan. Staff will give you one-on-one support when developing plans in order to place you on the best path forward.

Track and receive credit for workouts providing as much or little details as you like. Unlike other online exercise systems, ActivTrax® gives you the power of personal guidance when needed. Meet and connect with your coach anytime along the way to boost your wellness to the next level.

ActivTrax® Conversion Orientation

These appointments will help members to convert their workouts from MobileFiT to ActivTrax. Members will have the opportunity to go through a brief strength test, receive assistance in downloading the app, and have an opportunity to ask any other questions about ActivTrax.

ActivTrax® Wellness Orientation

Our Wellness Orientation provides new members, or current members that haven't used MobileFiT, an in-depth conversation with one of our wellness staff about the ActivTrax software and the app that goes with it. Members will go through a strength test, receive a recommended resistance training program, and have an opportunity to ask any other questions about ActivTrax if needed. 

Why ActivTrax®?

ActivTrax® keeps all your data in one place. It leverages the technology and capabilities of some of the most recognized manufacturers in the health and wellness industry including Polar, Fitbit, Jawbone, and others. ActivTrax® seamlessly captures your activity data and provides you with all the information and guidance you need to help make your fitness goals a reality.

Key Benefits of ActivTrax®

  • Has both a nutrition and physical activity component all on one app.
  • Is more accurate and helpful with producing a personalized workout. The fitness test allows Wellness Staff to get a better idea of where members are and how to construct their custom workouts.
  • Gives Wellness Staff the ability to exclude certain equipment that the members may not be familiar with. 
  • Links with activity wearable's such as:
    • Fitbit
    • Jambone
    • Withings
    • Preva
    • Interactive Fitness
    • Polar

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 Points              Prizes
 500   YMCA Water Bottle  
 1,000   YMCA Sports Towel  
 2,500   YMCA Cooler Bag
 5,000   YMCA Shaker
 10,000   YMCA Headband
 15,000   YMCA Hoodie


YMCA Water Bottle

YMCA Sports Towel

YMCA Cooler Bag

YMCA Water Bottle.jpg YMCA Sports Towel.jpg YMCA Cooler Bag.jpg

YMCA Shaker

YMCA Headband

YMCA Hoodie

YMCA Shaker.jpg YMCA Headband.jpg YMCA Hoodie.jpg

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