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Wellness Tools

At the Y, we have the facilities, equipment, programs and staff to support you in your wellness journey, achieving your goals and being stronger. Make new friends, increase your self-confidence, and improve your spiritual, mental and physical health. If you're ready to take steps towards healthy success, we recommend you start by scheduling a Wellness Consultation. From there, our helpful staff will point you in the right direction! 

Wellness Consultation

During your Wellness Consultation you will connect with a Wellness Coach, discuss your goals, learn about YMCA wellness offerings and decide the best next step for you! We want you to feel comfortable with the Y and knowing the basics is a great place to begin.

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101 Sessions   

The 101 Sessions consist of 30 minute appointments built to target your specific interests, demonstrate proper techniques, answer your questions and help you add
variety to your workouts. These are independent appointments with no particular order. Choose from Cardio, Weight Machines, Free Weights, Functional Training, TRX® Suspension Training, Group Ex, and Youth 101 Sessions.  

Coach Connection

Relationships are a vital piece of how we carry out the Y cause and we want people to feel comfortable around us. As you continue to grow in your involvement in the Y, you'll feel better knowing YMCA faces. We invite you to schedule your Wellness Consultation today to get started with guidance from a Wellness Coach, so you can choose the best path for you based on your own personal preferences and goals. We’re here for you!

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It’s incredible how important just 150 minutes per week of physical activity can be for improving your health and reducing your risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Find something you love to do—walk, bike, swim, take a Group Ex class, hike, run, practice yoga—to find your 150 each week, even if you have to experiment until you discover enjoyable ways. Grab a friend to join you or make a new one at the Y. We're all on this health journey together.

Plan now to participate in our Wellness Challenges throughout the year, which encourage you to stay on track with 150 minutes per week!

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MobileFiT serves as a comprehensive health and wellness system designed to help you achieve your personal goals in a way that is easy, interactive, and fun.

With the newly updated MobileFiT app, we aim to provided personalized plans and coaching based on member’s goals, experience and past performance. We’ll even adapt plans automatically based on your feedback, so the result is a continually refined, personalized plan. Staff can also help by providing one on one support when developing plans and goals based on individual need.

Track and receive credit for workouts providing as much or little details as you like. Unlike other online exercise systems, MobileFit gives you the power of personal guidance when needed. Meet and connect with your trainer to set goals and boost your fitness to the next level.

Wellness Made Easy! (well easier)

You might not know about the many benefits MobileFiT offers. This app is all about making fitness more convenient and fun for you year-round! Starting when you walk in the door, one convenient feature of MobileFiT is a pop-up bar code for checking in when you walk into the Y. Looking to join in the next Group Ex class? You can now see the full Group Ex schedule, choose a class and easily count class activity, all from the app. MobileFiT also syncs with your Google Fit or iPhone Health app to connect all of your health tracking technology and automatically get you the maximum points. With all these points building up don't forget to see your coach or the Wellness staff for your prize!


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      Points     Prizes
       500        Lanyard
       1,000      Water Bottle
       1,500      Towel
       2,500      Sports Bag
       5,000      T-Shirt
       10,000     Thermos
       20,000     Hoodie T





  • Personal Wellness Coach
  • Customized nutrition component and meal plans
  • Interactive, on-the-go, training partner
  • Adapts and changes to meet your needs and goals

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