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Just like spring training is used in Major League Baseball, you are invited to participate in this challenge to prepare yourself for a healthy summer. Even though the official baseball spring training has already been in full swing, the Y is just now starting our own season and encourages you to find new ways to reach 150 minutes of weekly physical activity for 6 weeks - from April 3 - May 14. Earn a Spring Training Baseball tshirt with points accumulated through activity and points from weekly bonus challenges (options for all levels of ability). Push yourself in an Extra Inning to win and an additional prize by improving your results on a fitness test of your choice OR for reaching 2,000 steps every day of the challenge! 

It’s incredible how important just 150 minutes per week of physical
activity can be for improving your health and reducing your risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Find something you love to do—walk, bike, swim, take a Group Ex class, hike, run, practice yoga—to find your 150 each week, even if you have to experiment until you discover enjoyable ways that work in your lifestyle. Grab a friend to join you or make a new one here. Wellness Coaches are standing by to help. 


Take the steps toward developing healthy habits (or boosting your current ones) before summer begins. 

Not a member? Don’t worry! As a Potential Member Challenge participant, you receive full access to the Y with your registration fee.

Possible Prizes:             Registration
YMCA Spring Training Baseball Tee   March 20 - April 3
YMCA Shaker Bottle    
Cost:   Challenge Dates
$15 Member   April 3 - May 14
$50 Potential Member    

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Help us spread the word and encourage your friends and family to join the challenge with you. You can do this!

Sneak Preview of your Challenge Tracker Card and Weekly Challenges



Chris Sanders
Wellness Director

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