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$1.6M Gift for YMCA Expansion

March 10, 2015

If you have visited the Kingsport YMCA for any reason in the past several months, you know it's a booming place to be! The response from the community has been astounding and BlueCross BlueShield of TN Health Foundation is responding to our need to expand! As the summer months near, expect to hear more regarding this exciting project!

A Journey of Change

March 9, 2015

How I gained a new life. A member of the YMCA Wellmont Center recently told me she ran .5 a mile on the treadmill, and I literally gasped. I cannot imagine running for 10 seconds on a treadmill, let alone half a mile, but I know we’re all different. Give me a handful of good friends, and I can run for hours outside, but the thought of running alone on a treadmill sends images into my head of a frustrated hamster on a wheel. That being said, I can’t remember the last time I have done any exercise solo. Group Exercise has been the key in both my weight loss journey, as well as my career path with the Y.

Healthy Family Home

March 8, 2015

Get started building a healthy home! Even heading into the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, it’s still always a good time to start making baby steps toward building a Healthy Family Home. Every family can be a healthy family. By focusing your family’s efforts to live healthier around the Y’s pillars of a healthy family home and taking small steps using the information and tools we provide, your family will soon be feeling stronger and living healthier.

Believing in More Birthdays

March 7, 2015

November Celebrates the Kingsport YMCA's 30th Birthday! Birthdays are for celebrating and at the Y we’re looking forward to more of our own and want you to celebrate yours as well! This month the YMCA in Kingsport is celebrating 30 years of serving our community and are so thankful for the healthy years we’ve had to impact kids, adults and families through Afterschool and Day Camp programs, activities and programs for kids with special needs, and health and wellness initiatives for all ages.

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